This is a postmortem of a ProtoWeek project. ProtoWeek is a challenge to prototype a game in less than a week. It is inspired by Game-a-Week, a concept promoted by Rami Ismail and Adriel Wallick. As I have a fulltime job, I can’t commit to making a game every week, so I do a ProtoWeek whenever I can find the time.

Title: The Lost Valley
Date: October 11-17, 2014
Platform: HTML5
Framework: Phaser
Link: Click to play

How it started

The Lost Valley started out as an Adventure clone. Yes, Adventure, as in the Atari game. After getting fed up with my countless abandoned projects, and after getting inspired by Adriel Wallick’s GDC talk, I decided to constrain myself to a week and prototype a game concept. I wanted to keep it super simple, so I picked a very simple game to clone. I selected Adventure because I wanted to make a game with exploration as its core aesthetic, and because I wanted to make a game without combat (if for no other reason than because we already have plenty of combat games).
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